Access to learning opportunities and recognition of  learning  achievements is essential for all citizens for their daily life, working life, and life within the community. Adult Learning Centres  have a unique contribution to make in enabling individuals to achieve their personal development goals by identifying and exploiting all available learning opportunities – formal, non-formal and informal. Since the vast majority of what we know and can do is acquired non-formally and informally, the focus of the QUALC is on ALC non-formal/informal facilitation and specifically on the quality of this facilitation.

QUALC Piloting handbook

The piloting handbook highlights the innovative QUALC quality approach, which can be adopted to improve quality for the key stakeholders in adult learning; the learners, the learning organisation and the communities in which learning takes place.

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QUALC Pre-Application and Criteria Matrix

The pre–application phase of the QUALC process begins with the eligibility criteria which require that any Adult Learning Organisation (ALO) wanting to enter the QUALC process must comply with a minimum of 3 out of 4 criteria.

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QUALC Self-Evaluation Process

This self-evaluation process is designed to help the Adult Learning Organisations (ALOs) management gain a clearer understanding of its strategic position.

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QUALC Tool-Kit for Peer Reviews

This tool-kit is sets out procedures for carrying out the QUALC Peer Review Phase and provides instrument and guidelines for all actors involved.

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