EFQUEL has established various services and initiated important European and international projects. Its services are primarily designed to support the needs of users. The diversity of the EFQUEL network allows the members and stakeholders to meet regularly with their peers to discuss, share and benchmark key experiences.

Tools to help you improve your quality

  • Learn more via this section about SEVAQ+, the tool and methodology to set up a shared evaluation process within your institution or within your class room.  SEVAQ+ offers different options for different needs.
  • Find also the results of the QUAL-C project, which is a framework for assuring quality in adult learning centers.

Certification schemes as tools…

Using the criteria as a reference, but too early to go through a certification process?

  • Then you can use ECBCheck as a tool for verifying the quality of your e-Learning programmes and courses, with or without going throught the certification process.
  • Likewise the quality criteria list of the UNIQUe certification can be used if your institution aims to develop an institutional strategy for using ICT throughout the entire institution (from course to management level)