Invitation to webinar “Stocktaking and Self-Assessment” in the VET sector

Full title: Stocktaking and self-assesment in EQAVET: a case study from Malta analysed from a European perspective

Date: Thursday, 30 May 2013 10.00-12.00 CET

Link for more info and registration:  (participation is free of charge)

When setting up quality assurance systems in a particular context, it is essential to define first the purpose, scope and actors involved in the process of quality assurance in this context. In other words, all the relevant actors need to be involved in the creation of a successful quality assurance system, be it trainers, VET provider, labour market and government representatives.  However, as they all have different needs and as they can benefit in a different way from quality assurance in VET, it is important to find out these benefits and needs first. Another important aspect to take into account is the quality assurance systems already existing and operational. It seems that the impact and usefulness of the EQAVET indicators depends on how they fit into their own quality assurance cycle and are used to ensure the improvement and development of VET provision through the actions taken by the institutes.

The participants will discuss the following subthemes:

  • What is the role of stocktaking and self assessment in a global quality assurance approach?
  • How to guarantee comparative validity and reference to general criteria in the practice of self assessment?
  • Are there side benefits of stocktaking that can be reported from existing practice?

This webinar is one of four webinars organised by the EQAVET projects initiative.  These four webinars provide an opportunity for in-depth discussion on themes that have been raised during the European Conference on Quality in VET, held in Brussels last January and merit further attention on the European scene.