EFQUEL strengthens network in Russia

EFQUEL board of directors’ member Erika Soboleva was recently invited for an interview in the Russian magazine entitled “Education Quality”. The article discussed the theme of new European developments in the sphere of e-learning.   Ms Soboleva talked about EFQUEL and more particularly about the criteria and procedures of the ECBCHECK certificate, the recent changes in the requirements for UNIQUe certificate (now also allowed for university thematic departments) and about ISO standard on e-learning.  (Read the full article in Russian)

Furthermore EFQUEL was also present in the 6th Moscow Education Online conference, which was organised on the 8th of October by Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance and Career Development (AKKORK).  The Moscow Education Online conference is a one day conference strictly oriented on the specialists in e-learning quality assurance. About 60 participants took part this year and EFQUEL related presentations were provided by Erika Soboleva and Anthony F. Camilleri.  (Find the presentation here on Slideshare)

This year the conference was devoted to the following questions:

  • Approaches to e-learning quality evaluation – experience in Russia and abroad;
  • Changes in Russian Education Law in relation to the application of e-learning technologies;
  • Prospects for development of the governmental accreditation of e-learning educational programs;
  • International cooperation in e-learning sphere. Experience of  international educational projects realization;
  • UNIQUe – European e-learning high-quality mark;
  • Stages, methods and tools of e-learning quality assessment;
  • Procedures and criteria for peer-review of e-learning educational activities.

EFQUEL currently has 8 member organisations in Russia, among which the Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance and Career Development (AKKORK).  An extensive interview (November 2011) with Ms Soboleva regarding AKKORK and the ELearning Quality Management in Russia is available on Checkpoint e-Learning website.