EFQUEL Responds to EC Opening Education Initiative

EFQUEL has published its position paper in response to the European Commission’s public consultation on opening up education. The proposal for a European Initiative is a proposal to exploit the potential contribution of ICTs and Open Educational Resources (OER) to education and skills development. The initiative (download consultation document) will be centred around three main goals:

  • opening up content
  • opening up learning
  • opening up to collaboration

In its response, EFQUEL commented that it finds the principles behind the consultation to be highly laudable, and finds much to applaud in the overall consultation document, particularly the strong focus on quality and the principle that learning materials developed with public money should be publicly accessible. In addition it makes a number of suggestions on how to further enhance the impact of the initiative, particularly by utilising policy recommendations, networks and tools developed through the OPAL and OERTest projects.

EFQUEL’s full response and recommendations can be downloaded by clicking here.

For more information on EFQUEL’s positions or commentary, please contact the secretariat on [email protected]