The EFQUEL secretariat is located in the Rue des Deux Eglises 35, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


For membership applications and general inquiries:

  • By email: info (at), By phone: +32 (0)2 639 30 32

Information regarding EFQUEL project particaption, consultancies and trainings:

  • EFQUEL director: marie.bijnens (a)

Information regarding UNIQUe certification: EFQUEL

  • UNIQUe manager: Anthony.camilleri (a)

Information about SEVAQ+:

  • The SEVAQ+ support desk: sevaq (a)

For submitting your news item to the members news section:

  • Write your news + picture to: members-news (a) (service only allowed for EFQUEL members)


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How to get to the EFQUEL office?

The EFQUEL office is at 5 minute walking distance from metro stop “ART-LOI” (“KUNST-WET” in Dutch).

Reaching the office, coming from the airport:

  • By train:  To reach the airport train station, take the elevator in the airport going down to the underground trainstation. Take the train going into Brussels (4 trains an hour).  Get out at Brussels Central Station and connect with the metro line 1 or 5.  Get out of the metro at ART-LOI and walk according to the map (here above).
  • By taxi: a taxi ride will take you approximately 25 minutes and costs around 35 euros.
  • By bus: Line 12 has a final stop at Luxemburg (10 minutes walking from EFQUEL), You can download the time schedule here.

Reaching the office, coming from the South station:

  • International trains (Thalys, Eurostar, ICE) arrive at the South station.  From there metro line 2 and 6 take you directly to metro stop ART-LOI.