Open ECBCheck is a new certification and quality improvement scheme for e-Learning courses and programmes in international Capacity Building. It supports capacity building organisations to measure how successful their e-learning programmes are and allows for continuous improvement through peer collaboration and benchlearning. Download the ECBCheck presentation (PDF) for more information.

Without going through the entire review process, the ECBCheck tool can also be used for internal quality check of your courses and programmes.  The Excel file compiling all criteria and extensive clarifications on each of the criteria can equally be downloaded from the ECBCheck website.*

Certification Process

The tool is available throughout the year for doing a self-assessment and matching your course with the ECBCheck criteria.  However, for applying for certification, the following cycle applies.

Cycle Self Assessment and Application for Certification (1) (2) Official review (3) Awarding (4)
Cycle 1 July – September October – November December
Cycle 2 January – March April – May June


(1) once you have notified your interest to apply for certification, EFQUEL will provide you with an application form in which we ask for the basic information regarding your course(s) your contact details.

(2) By the end of August, your self-assessment should be processed via the online tool and the applicable fee should be paid (depending on how many courses you wish to have reviewed by professional reviewers and certified – if reviewed positively -)

(3) In the months of October and November, the pool of reviewers will be activated to review the courses that have applied for review.

(4) During the month of December, all applicants will receive notification of the results of the review process.  The courses that have been reviewed positively will receive the official ECBCheck certificate and will be published on the ECBCheck website.

Important notices!

  • In July 2012 the first review cycle will be organised in this form and using professional and trained reviewers.  Previous years the review process has been an open process, done by a mutual peer review mechanism (mutual review of courses that were submitted, hence cost free)
  • Self-assessments can be done throughout the year and without any costs.  Also the toolbox available on the ECBCheck website can be freely used by capacity building institutions.