EFQUEL e-Quality label and review services

EFQUEL Quality Services support organisations to embrace a quality culture focused on continuous quality improvement, transparency and innovation.

E-Quality Review Services

The E-Quality Review Services are providing organisations with individual experts’ reviews and consultancy, as well as compliance checks for courses, programmes or departments. Often they are a first step into certification.



ECBCheck E-Quality Label for Short Courses and Training Programmes

The E-Quality label for courses and short programmes is certifying excellence in using ICT in training courses, short courses and professional programmes in the field of vocational education and training, post graduate offers and lifelong learning. The certification process consists of a self-assessment and a virtual course review.

Website: http://www.ecb-check.org



EFQUEL E-Quality Label for Programmes: EFQUEL Certification for Higher Education Programmes

The E-Quality Label for programmes is designed to certify excellence in using ICT to enhance academic programmes. The process consists of a self-assessment and a site visit.



UNIQUe E-Quality Label: EFQUEL Certification for Higher Education Institutions using ICT for Learning

The UNIQUe E-Quality label is designed to review and certify higher education institutions or institutes within higher education institutions, e.g. a university or a school or faculty within a university. The review consists of a self-assessment and site visits and looks into excellence of using ICT to improve quality in higher education.

Website: http://unique.efquel.org



Overview of Services

The presentation below gives an overview of the main differences between the services, their intended audiences, application procedures and avenues to receive more information: