Call for contributions to the EIF2013, deadline extended till 20th of May!

Final LogoEFQUEL welcomes different types of contributions to the EIF2013: presentations (papers, best practices, results), interactive formats (workshop, learning café, discussion panel, …), posters.  Read more about the topic to be addressed and find submission information via this page on the EIF2013 website.


Refocusing Quality in E-Learning

The EFQUEL Innovation Forum is the leading conference for practitioners in international quality and innovation in e-learning, training and development. The 8th EIF takes place at the Open University Catalunya in Barcelona.

The financial crisis and a regime of austerity pose a great challenge to innovation in education, training and learning in Europe, both in the public and the private sector. The question where and how e-learning can add value to providing a high quality education is put into the center every more. After a decade of quality assurance and development in e-learning, the field today has broadened significantly. Two facts have become apparent: on the one hand, quality has become a synonym for continuous improvement, innovation and organizational development and has moved beyond assuring conformity and standardization. On the other hand it is evident that quality development has become mainstream practice in every educational institution and is important for all learning provision. Both developments are a sign that the quality debate in e-learning has moved from early stages of development and try-out to a more professionalized practice.

With a new wave of e-learning emerging through new and fascinating developments like Open educational resources, MOOCs and social media in learning and a decade of intense development of quality criteria, methods and management approaches it is time to extract the scientific essence: Where do we stand today in quality development in e-learning? What has proved working well? What is the orientation for the future? Which new and emerging fields and technologies are posing new challenges to quality development?  While the past years have seen a lot of adoption of traditional quality approaches to new fields, as well as the developments of new quality approaches today we invite the contributions to the following themes:

  • Quality in e-learning: Criteria, processes, methodologies
  • Quality for new emerging technologies and pedagogies (e.g.MOOCs)
  • Quality, E-Assessment and testing with e-learning

Apart from conference presentations we encourage you to suggest interactive workshop sessions, learning cafes, lively debating sessions and poster presentations.

EIF 2013 will convene more than 150 experts in e-learning to an interactive gathering. During the conference you can meet up with your peers in the practitioners lounge, meet European experts, take stock of the latest developments and listen to leading innovators in the field of quality and innovation.