Call for chapters for book “Improving Quality of Vocational Training“, Deadline extended till 30th of April

TQM_Project_logoEFQUEL invites contribution to a publication with the working title “Improving Quality of Vocational Training – Tools, Frameworks and Current Practices“ edited by EFQUEL in the framework of the “Teacher Quality Management” project until the 30th of April.  The Teacher Quality Management project, which is supporting the call for chapters, primarily aims to disseminate systems for quality assurance amongst teachers/practitioners in the VET sector. The book, however, is not limited to that topic and takes a wider view.


Two Relevant Topics – Two Book Parts – Two Calls

The book will concern two different but related topics which will be presented in two separate parts of the publications. We encourage submissions addressing the following topics:

PART I: Quality Indicators in Vocational Educational Training – Methodologies and Examples of use For Authors: Call for Book Chapters – Details Call 1
PART II: Quality in Vocational Educational Training – ICT for Evaluation and Self Evaluation For Authors: Call for Book Chapters – Details Call 2


How to submit your chapter?

STEP 1: Submitting a Chapter Outline

Before composing a full book chapter authors need to submit a chapter outline. This way, potential duplications are avoided and even co-writing of related topics might be a result. For your convenience and preparation, you can downlad the full questionnaire as word document

Quality Indicators in Vocational Educational Training – Methodologies and Examples of use Please submit your chapter outline via the online form.
View/Prepare the Online Form as Word Document: Call 1 Word Form for Offline Preparation
Quality in Vocational Educational Training – ICT for Evaluation and Self Evaluation Please submit your chapter outline via the online form.
View/Prepare the Online Form as Word Document: Call 2 Word Form for Offline Preparation

Deadline_extended_TQM_Call_Button   30th of April

STEP 2: Submitting a Full Chapter

As soon as your chapter outlines has been accepted, you are invited to submit full chapters. These can be

  • Short reflections from practice (3-8 pages) or
  • Longer contributions meeting scientific standards of up to 20 pages in length

Furthermore, chapers should be stand-alone.

Authors will be invited to submit full chapter via our online submission system. However, you will receive further details when chapters have been selected based on the outlines

>> Deadline: 31st May (NEW given the extension of submitting chapter outlines)

Key Dates for Authors

Submission of chapter outlines due: 30 April 2013
Notification of acceptance: 7 May 2013
Full chapter due: 31 May 2013
End of open discussion (your chapter can be accessed and commented on publicly): 8 July 2013
Blind review EFQUEL closed: 22 July 2013


Review Procedure and Book Team

Submitted book chapters will undergo an open review by the scientific community and as well as a review by dedicated referees. Our book team is composed of the following individuals:


Sandra Feliciano

Sandra Feliciano works with Quality Management since 1997, particularly on its application to Education and is very active on standardization activities in this sector. She is the Chair of IPQ/CTA25 “Quality for Education & Training”, Co-Convenor of ISO/TC176/WG5 “Quality Management & Quality Assurance – Requirements for Education Organizations”, Portuguese Head of Delegation at ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC36 “Information Technology for Learning, Education and Training” and CEN/WS-LT “Workshop on Learning Technologies”; and Convenor of CEN/TC353/WG2 “Information & Communication Technology for Learning, Education and Training – Business Planning, Communications & Prospectives. She is an Auditor for several certification bodies and an Evaluator for EACEA, PROALV and EFQUEL. She is a Teacher and Researcher at GESTOP-ISEC and ESTGF-IPP and has coordinated the European project Q-Cert-VET, which developed a management system standard for Technology Enhanced Vocational Training (NP 4512:2012) and an accredited certification scheme based on it (IPAC/OEC010).


Anne-Christin Tannhäuser

Project manager at EFQUEL and coordinator of the “International Journal for Quality in Learning (INNOQUAL)“. Anne earned a Master degree in Educational Sciences and Linguistics from the University of Leipzig in 2007. She was trained at the Max Planck-Institute for Human Development, Berlin, in the use of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. For 5 years, starting in 2008 Anne, has been working for several projects in the field of education, innovation and ICT at national and European level for the University of Iceland and a non-profit research center in Italy (Scienter SLR). She has been and is involved in multilateral research endeavors coordinating evaluation activities, communication of scientific results and overall management. Anne is also an international project manager at the Department “Information Systems for Productions and Operations Management” at University of Duisburg-Essen.


Nuno Pena

Professionally, Nuno Pena is the Director of UnYLeYa (LeYa Group – LeYa, one of the largest publishing groups in the Portuguese-speaking world). Before he was the Chief learning Officer of Portuguese Association of Insurers and founder of the “Portuguese Insurance Academy”.   Nuno is also a Postdoctoral Researcher at ADVANCE Research Center of ISEG – School of Economics and Management (Technical University of Lisbon), Lecturer and reviewer in some Academic Journals. He holds a PhD in Management Information Systems (in the speciality of  Corporate e-Learning), a Master degree in Multimedia Educational Communication from Portuguese Open University; a Postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) and a Bachelor in Philosophy from New University of Lisbon (Universidade Nova de Lisboa).


Renata Maria Vigano

Full Professor of Educational Research at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – Faculty of Education – in Italy.
She is Director of CeRiForm – Research Center on Education Policies and Responsible of the Doctoral Program in Education. Also at the Catholic University, she is in charge of the Quality Assurance Committee and member of the Expert Task-Force for Internationalisation; she is also member of the Scientific Committee of the Center for Higher Education Internationalisation.
She has been member of the Evaluation Board in many Universities; she is member of the Board of the Italian Society for Educational Research (SIRD)
Her research experience is focused on methodology, planning and assessment in education. She has directed many research projects on: teachers training, school leadership; social workers training; adult education; development, monitoring and assessment of educational systems; educational policy.

Foreseen Publication

The publication will receive an ISBN and an open license.  Publication is foreseen for August/September 2013 and outcomes will be presented at the EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2013 (26-27 September 2013)