Events, workshops and seminars

Month: September 2013

Date: 10-13.9.2013 – Place: Istanbul, EAIE Conference

Event title: “Bringing approaches from school education to management education”

EFMD will organise a seminar which focuses on bringing approaches from school education to management education. This seminar is held in the framework of the VISIR project*. More info on VISIR events

Date 19.9.2013, L’Aquila, Italy

Event: Final TQM conference

Presentation of results of the TQM project (

Date: 25.9.2013 – Place: Barcelona, EIF2013

Event title: Training for Quality Managers – Prepare for ECBCheck, UNIQUe and ECBCheck programme certification

EFQUEL will organise a half day training prior to the EFQUEL Innovation Forum on the 25th of September in Barcelona.  This will be an event for EFQUEL members and quality professionals that wish to learn more about quality management. This activity will be free for members and restricted to 20 participants. Download the leaflet for more info.

Half day training event for members only prior to the EFQUEL Innovation Forum, 25 September 2013, Barcelona (Spain) in collaboration with UOC and in the framework of the EFQUEL Innovation Forum

Date: 26-27.9.2013 – Place: Barcelona, EIF2013

Event: the EFQUEL Innovation Forum

The next EFQUEL Innovation Forum, taking place on the 26th and 27th of September 2013 in Barcelona, will be a unique opportunity to meet other experts from Europe and other regions of the world. As part of EFQUEL’s core mission to provide services for quality development in education, next year conference in Barcelona will focus explicitly on quality issues, taking stock of where we stand now, how the quality scene has evolved and what the future perspectives are and could be. Read all news and updates on the EIF2013 website.

Date: 26.9.2013 -  Place: Barcelona, EIF2013

Event title: Launch of the EFQUEL Innovation lab

The EFQUEL lab is one of three labs ((one in higher education, one in a corporate setting, one within an international professional network) that will be launched by the HoTEL initiative.  The Labs can be considered a sector-oriented variant of the well-known concept of Living Labs, with some specificities: the thematic cohesiveness on new ways of learning through ICT is much stronger than the territorial links; the focus of impact is on European development, involving different categories of stakeholders at international level; the Learning Exploratorium Labs are trying to develop their own paradigm of operation and its flexible Quality Assurance Toolkit. Read more

*About HoTEL:

Date: 27.9.2013 -  Place: Barcelona, EIF2013

Event title: Schools Innovation Workshops

The Schools Innovation workshops is organised in collaboration with the Q4I project, which started in December 2012 and aims to develop, test and mainstream a quality development approach for schools that includes a strong commitment to innovation and that is based on the participation of all key stakeholders: students, teachers and parents, employers and representatives of local community. Read more


Timetable Innovation Forum and Training activities for the upcoming years

From 2014 onwards the EFQUEL events willl change dates.  EFQUEL will plan the events according the table below:



2013  /

Half Day EFQUEL training for Quality Managers

EFQUEL Innovation Forum


EFQUEL Innovation Forum

EFQUEL Academy